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Case Study: Fixings for Fourcourt Refresh Ltd
As specialists in the supply of a wide range of construction fixings and fastening parts, offering a selection of delivery options to suit different business needs, we regularly fulfil large orders for contractors all over the country. We recently supplied fixings for Forecourt Refresh Ltd for a project at Starbucks, Matrix Point, in Chorley, Lancashire.
Fantastic delivery options for our construction fixings
A recent report has confirmed that the demand for construction fixings such as screws, bolts and other fastening parts has experienced a continued rise since last November and shows no sign of slowing down. With new orders rising at the fastest pace since May 2017, increased requirement across the UK has been attributed to a spike in residential and commercial works being undertaken and a steady demand from civil engineering companies and the construction sector. To help our customers beat the rush we offer a range of delivery options suited to meet your business needs, read on to find out more: